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What's the difference between: Serum, Facial oil, Cream

What's the difference between serum, facial oil and face cream
The three types of moisturizers: Serum, Facial oil, Cream

There’s a lot of skincare products out there, all with different uses and benefits. At Minimis our goal has always been to make skincare simple and fuss free, so we’re here to help you understand the difference between serums, facial oils and creams.
Serums are…
Typically clear water-based liquids which are designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to the skin.

Different serums contain a range of useful nutrients depending on the skin concern, ranging from hydration to skin brightening to wrinkle-fighting.
Do you need a serum in your skincare routine?
Because serums are formulated with smaller molecules, they have the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin than a moisturizer and deliver a high dose of nutrients to just-cleansed skin! That means, although serums are full of hydrating goodness, they don’t necessarily replace moisturizers.
For effective results…
Use a serum up to twice your daily skin routine—after cleansing and before moisturizing—to target wrinkles, soothe redness, and boost the effectiveness of your moisturizer.

Our M02 The Hydrator is a 2-in-1 toner and serum, perfect for simplifying your routine while keeping hydrated right after cleansing.
Face Oils are …
Designed to nourish, lock in moisture and serve as an extra level of protection for your skin.

Typically derived from plant-based ingredients like flowers, leaves and roots, face oils are packed with a potent range of ingredients that work to replenish the skin’s natural oil content.
Do you need a facial oil in your skincare routine?
The outer layers of your skin act like a barrier to keep hydration in and germs out.
These outer layers are also oil-based, making facial oils a natural supplement to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Different facial oils serve different purposes. When considering which facial oil to use, consider your skin's natural properties. Dry, dull skin will likely see the most benefit from a facial oil while acne-prone skin might benefit from an oil that targets inflammation and redness rather than just hydration.

Try M03 The Moisturizer for a 2-in-1 facial oil and hydrosol experience. Lightweight and highly absorbent, it’s a fantastic entry level product to explore how facial oils can do wonders for your skin.
For effective results…
Use a face oil daily at night when it’s most easily absorbed by the skin. Add a few extra drops to your morning moisturizer or under your makeup if your skin is dry or if you’re looking for an extra bit of glow.

A lightweight face oil, like The Moisturizer, goes on after cleansers and serums but before moisturizer. Heavier face oils should go last to lock in all that moisture.
Creams are…
Usually a staple of every skincare routine, and designed to lock in moisture and protect the skin’s barrier.

Creams can range from lightweight to rich formulas, providing you with a range of options to mix and match day and night creams based on your needs.
Do you need a cream in your skincare routine?
For many people, a daily moisturizing cream is a must. It strengthens the barrier of your skin while also locking in hydration and nutrients.
For effective results…
Use a moisturizing face cream day and night. Usually, your moisturizer is the final step in your skincare routine because it adds an extra layer of moisture and locks in the hydration and nutrients from the serums and face oils you applied earlier.

Check out M04 The Rejuvenator to lock in moisture at the end of your skincare routine with ultra nourishing ingredients including jojoba oil and meadowfoam oil.

The difference between the three & which should you pick?

Put simply, serums are used to target specific skin concerns, oils used for nourishment and added moisture, and face creams lock everything in and provide a barrier between your skin and the outside world.

All three may be of benefit, but if you’re looking to achieve a desired result, like skin brightening, balancing pigmentation or moisture-barrier repair, a serum might be the next step. If you want to add some intense hydration or extra glow, a face oil might be the way to go.

If you don’t have any particular skin concerns or you just want to stick to one product for now, at the very minimum make sure you incorporate a moisturizing face cream so your skin stays happy and healthy.

Not sure where to start? That’s why we’ve put together a 4-step skincare routine to help you on your clean skincare journey. Find out more about the Minimis range here.

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