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Minimis and mindful rituals

Minimis and mindful rituals
Right from the beginning of creating Minimis, we had a vision to bring the ingredients and indulgence of luxury skincare at affordable prices.

The fact is, as a new boutique brand, we had limited resources and budget to develop massive marketing campaigns and packaging that blow you away. But what we knew we could provide is a holistic experience with our products themselves. And let them shine themselves.

Health is not only what you put on your skin, nor is it only what you put inside your body. It is a combination of both. And we strongly believe that overall wellbeing is what can bring you happy, healthy glowing skin.

We wanted to create a skincare line that brings you joy, a sense of calm, in those small, undisturbed moments to just be present with yourself. Those moments that nourish the mind and body while also stimulating the senses.

Because skincare is an intimate, sensorial experience. And at Minimis, we’ve put so much thought into the touch, sight, smell of every product to nourish the body in a holistic way.

And that starts from packaging. We set out on a mission to look at all types of brands, from drugstore to mid-range all the way to high-end. How they positioned themselves, and what unique experience they bring at all levels. What we found was, most brands either sway to be minimal and clean, or bright and colorful but that had nothing to do with natural ingredients.

We wanted to bring something different. We wanted to put nature front and centre of our visual direction. Our packaging is minimalistic with a pop of colour and texture, and gives us that refreshing feeling like a fresh start to the day or a freshly washed face as you wind down for the night. Like a fresh start during Spring, when nature comes alive, bursting with colour.

We love skincare. And we want to make skincare that puts a smile on your face. Products that feel rewarding and ritualistic, and that you simply can’t wait to use everyday.

Minimis has been designed for mindful rituals.

Sight is our most used sense, preparing us for what’s to come. A pop of fresh colour as you pick up one of our products, or even interacting with it like shaking the M03 Moisturizer bottle to combine hydrosol and facial oil.

Our skin is a sensory-receptor organ. It connects us to our environment and senses pressure, temperature, vibrations, tactility. Experience the different textures of our products and really enjoy how it feels on your skin.

Lastly, calm your mind with smells of nature, as pure as they could be and bottled for your enjoyment.

Minimis is a luxurious treat to yourself that you deserve everyday.

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