Simplicity at its best

A minimal skincare line for modern women

About Us

We are a team of two sisters, who began the clean beauty journey the same way as you did, with a personal mission to shift into a healthier skincare routine. But what we found were complicated, intimidating products, with lists of ingredients we couldn’t even pronounce. So after almost half a decade of getting to know the ever-growing world of clean beauty, we took the leap to create our own uniquely formulated product range. Minimis is a line created for you, by people just like you. We are dedicated to making every day natural skincare accessible for you. To help you navigate and conquer clean beauty with confidence.

Nature in a bottle

Our formulations celebrate nature’s own healing and protective properties, bringing you only the best and most honest of ingredients. We bring together unique blends of superfood and botanical oils such as sea buckthorn oil, chia seed oil and plum oil – capturing nature’s potent purities straight into a bottle.

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Taking care of your everyday

We bring high quality, minus the costly price tags. We believe that skincare products shouldn’t be a rare luxury, but an accessible everyday ritual that you can enjoy. Our products are designed for everyday use and focus only on the simple essentials for happy, healthy, glowing skin. Because your skin deserves to be taken care of everyday.

Simple, effective skincare

We’re going back to basics here to simplify skincare for you, because the solution for healthy skin should be simple. An easy and effective routine helps to restore your skin to its optimal health. That’s why we have formulated a product line that nourishes, revitalises and enhances your skin’s natural properties, eliminating all the unnecessary and complicated steps in between.